Our creativity scripted in words.


Client: Personal Year: 2018 Alas, Spontaneanation with Paul F Tompkins is done its run and I am verklempt.

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UMFM Pledge-O-Rama

Client: UMFM Year: 2015 Full branding project commissioned for UMFM's Pledge-O-Rama 2015 campaign, including logo design, posters, tickets, 'Friends With Benefits' cards, mailers, shirts, mugs, CD packaging, social media content,

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Jr Crypto-Explorers Club

Client: Personal Year: 2015 Cryptids of Canada Print-of-the-Month Club prototypes feat. 11x17 posters, collectible badges, info and membership cards (Studio Project, 2015). Concept was to re-create the educational kids' clubs

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The Chris Gethard Show

Client: Personal Year: 2015 This poster remains part of the set, and can still be seen on TruTV. If you aren't familiar with the show, you should check it out!

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