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This Too Shall Pass

Client: Personal Year: 2016 "This too shall pass" (Persian: این نیز بگذرد‎‎, pronunciation:īn nīz bogzarad, Arabic: لا شيء يدوم‎ ("Nothing endures"), Hebrew: גם זה יעבור‎ ("Gam Zeh Yaavor"), Turkish: Bu

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Weird is Fun!

Client: Personal Year: 2015 Selected pages from a children's picture book written and illustrated by me.  

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Jr Crypto-Explorers Club

Client: Personal Year: 2015 Cryptids of Canada Print-of-the-Month Club prototypes feat. 11x17 posters, collectible badges, info and membership cards (Studio Project, 2015). Concept was to re-create the educational kids' clubs

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Stylus Cover

Client: Stylus Magazine Year: 2015 Cover illustration for Stylus Magazine's 2015 Spring Issue.  

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The Chris Gethard Show

Client: Personal Year: 2015 This poster remained a part of the set up until the TruTV show's cancellation. If you aren't familiar with the show, you should check it out!

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Better Call Saul

Client: Personal Year: 2015 This illustration (as well as another) was featured on the 2015 Critics' Choice Awards, as well as the Better Call Saul writers' wall.  

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